Projects supported

In recent years the Roman Research Trust has supported a wide range of projects related to Romano-British archaeology. It has made awards to fieldwork projects including excavation and survey at Trimontium, military sites in Scotland, Roman Durnovaria and Durobrivae (Water Newton). It has supported post-excavation analysis of material from Stapleton Mead, Flexford, Elloughton (E. Yorks.), Druce Roman Villa and Calleva Atrebatum (Silchester) and projects to enhance cataloguing work on Romano-British pottery fabrics. It has made grants in support of publications including Greek and Roman medicine and Romano-British glass bangles. Additionally it has supported educational activities and digital media projects including a digital project based on the collections at Vindolanda, an experimental archaeology project on Roman cooking and outreach projects at the Grosvenor Museum and the Novium Museum. More details on previous projects supported is provided below.

Stapleton Mead Roman Landscape Project (awarded 2019)

Following the discovery of a clear rectangular parchmark at Stapleton Mead, Martock, the South Somerset Archaeological Research Group undertook extensive geophysical survey and excavation. This revealed a well built lias building, land…

Roman pottery from Flexford, Surrey (awarded 2019)

The Roman Research Trust has kindly supported the recording and reporting of the Roman pottery from Flexford by Archaeology South East. Flexford is a 10-hectare Roman rural site excavated by Surrey Archaeological…

Previous Projects supported