John Dore Pottery Type Series for Corbridge (awarded 2023)

The aim of this project is to publish the Corbridge Roman Pottery Type Series which was started by John Dore in the 1990s.  Alex Croom has worked with Eniko Hudak to group the c.800 forms into a much more sensible 289 groups, to make the series a workable size. This has allowed us to target Mark Hoyles illustration time to ensure that each group has at least one illustration (and reduces the need for the full 800 illustrations). 

Mark Hoyle has drawn and digitised over 200 drawings, with just a small number to complete following the work by Eniko and Alex to finalise the groups. Frances and Eniko have met with the ADS team to discuss the format of the database on ADS and now have costs for the publication as completely open access. Having the funding from the RRT has moved this project forward greatly and it is much appreciated.