Recording evidence for samian supplies to Britain (awarded 2018)

This project, led by an independent samian specialist based in northern England, records evidence for samian supplies to Britain, aids research and enables the updating, management and maintenance of the associated archive. Since the mid-1980s, this specialist has developed computerised databases of samian assemblages from excavations: this project facilitates the analysis of evidence for samian supplies to northern and western Britain in particular. Forthcoming publication will illuminate anomalies in supply patterns. The project is ensuring survival of the archive for posterity: the work of this one specialist represents only part of a process which must be continued by future researchers. There is considerable concern for the future of samian studies in the United Kingdom. In providing opportunities to assist one specialist, this project also provides potential for the next generation to engage with samian studies – a discipline which is in sore need of a succession strategy. Continuation of this work owes much to this generous grant from The Audrey Barrie Brown Memorial Fund.