Hadrian’s Wall Cultural Resource Management (awarded 2021)

The Roman Research Trust generously awarded the co-editors £1000 to assist in the publication of a volume of papers on the Cultural Resource Management of Hadrian’s Wall. To be published in 2022 – the 1900th anniversary of Hadrian’s visit to Britain and the building of the Wall – our volume aims to celebrate this occasion by projecting the World Heritage Site (WHS) into the future and provide a unique ‘forward-looking’ approach. The papers discuss critical new issues such as the impact of environmental changes and the innovative technologies used in monitoring and managing the Wall. This volume highlights not only the ways in which Hadrian’s Wall can be protected for future generations, but also the ways in which it affects the identities of those who work and travel along it. Authors include prominent frontier scholars and excavators, early career researchers, museum curators, living history practitioners, tour guides and business owners – all of whom are vital in the management of the future of Hadrian’s Wall. This publication aims to encourage a more open and inclusive debate on the Cultural Resource Management of Hadrian’s Wall, and with the RRT’s support we can ensure we produce an attractive and accessible volume.