Chedworth Roman Villa (awarded 2010, 2012)

The Roman Research Trust supported a programme of mosaic excavation and conservation at Chedworth Roman Villa during the summer of 2010. National Trust Archaeologists Martin Papworth, Nancy Grace and Guy Salkeld worked with students and volunteers to uncover largely unseen mosaics along the west range. Conservation was undertaken by consultant Chris Cleere, also with students and volunteers. The programme is part of a larger project to build a new environmental cover across the whole range. This will improve interpretation, conservation, and access to the historic fabric. The mosaics have now been protected while the construction work takes place throughout 2011. The Roman Research Trust supported a further project in 2012:

Revealing Chedworth mosaics: phase 2

This project involves a five week programme of works to excavate and conserve two areas of 4th c. mosaics and is due to take place in July 2012.

The project will complete the excavation of a 35-metre length of intact mosaic, one of the longest in Britain. Work will be undertaken by professional archaeologists and conservators with support from student placements. The visiting public will be able to observe work in progress from the newly installed suspended walkways. The project will be recorded in an academic monograph to be published in 2013.

Pillae covers at Chedworth sponsored by the RRT grant
Pillae covers at Chedworth sponsored by the RRT grant

Chedworth Roman villa is a major site of the Roman period in Britain, comprising the remains of one of the largest fourth-century villas so far discovered and excavated in the UK, and a Scheduled Ancient Monument. The project is the final phase of a larger programme of work at Chedworth. Conservation standards have been dramatically improved through the excavation and conservation of long-buried mosaics and the construction of innovative new cover shelters. Public access and understanding have been enhanced by suspended walkways crossing the newly revealed mosaics, radical new interpretation, and a purpose-designed education centre.

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