Romano-British Glass bangles: typology, distribution and function (awarded 2019)

The Roman Society and the Roman Research Trust has generously supported the illustrations for the upcoming monograph “Romano-British Glass Bangles: Typology, Distribution and Function” to be published with BAR new series Archaeology of Roman Britain. The volume is the direct outcome of the research entitled ‘GLOBALGLASS: Global Glass Adornments Event Horizon in the Late Iron Age and Roman Period Frontiers (100 BC – AD 250)’, which was multidisciplinary comparative project on the cross-cultural consumption of glass bangles, used by the inhabitants of the European northwest in the Late Iron Age to Roman period. The monograph will the first major synthesis discussing these often-forgotten artefacts from Roman Britain and will be based on the comprehensive and up-to-date database of glass bangles that mostly includes unpublished and ‘grey literature’ data. The illustrations for which the grant was sought had never previously appeared in any of the publications dealing with Romano-British glass bangles. The illustration material is an excellent learning resource explaining how glass bangles were made and worn, and could be used by teachers in primary, secondary and higher education institutions to create awareness of the nature and manufacture of ancient glass and glass adornments. Website: