Archaeology and Landscape of South-East England to 1066 (awarded 2014)

The Council for British Archaeology South-East has been awarded a Roman Research Trust grant in order to help cover the costs of producing a new peer-reviewed account of the archaeology of SE England by the recognised leading authorities (34 contributors) in their field. This book will revise and build on the Archaeology of South-East England to AD 1000, researched and written over 25 years ago by Drewett, Rudling and Gardiner, and published by Longmans in 1988. Although there have been county-based reviews as recently as 10 years ago (Sussex 2003; Surrey 2004), many are long out of date (Sussex 1978; Kent 1982; Surrey 1987), and none have addressed the region in its totality. This concept, and the unpublished SE regional framework, provides a platform for the new book. This volume will allow comparison within and between both the four counties and the main topographical zones of the Downs, Weald, Coastal Plain, River Valleys and Thames Estuary. It is planned that this book will be published in 2015 by Oxbow Books.