Roman Finds Group Film Project (awarded 2016)

The Roman Finds Group (RFG) has the objectives to promote, research, publish and teach the material culture of Roman Britain. To this end, the group is producing a series of films to act as ‘student’ guides, as useful introductions for those starting off in finds research or for those wanting to learn more about the material culture of Roman Britain. The films discuss how to identify small finds and provide an introduction to different topics and materials, using objects and images as illustrations in order to encourage both students and those embarking on archaeological careers of the importance of studying archaeological finds and signposting ways of proceeding further with the study of small finds. This is a long-term project with films being added when specialists, objects and film facilities are available. The first 12 films, consisting of specialists based in the north, were produced for the RFG by Newcastle University’s Cluster for Interdisciplinary Artefact Studies (CIAS) and are now available for viewing ( with links and additional information being planned for the RFG website where future films will also be held. At the end of the financial year 2016/7, the RFG has completed filming the second tranche of films, funded by the Roman Research Trust.